Letter: Alaska women deserve leaders who work to protect their rights

The “war on women” isn’t just a Texas problem. Congress and state legislatures across the nation have declared a full-on assault against women’s rights. During 2012 alone, state lawmakers proposed 300 new extreme anti-women bills across the country, each of which would strike a grievous blow to access to reproductive healthcare and family planning services.

Thanks to the new political lines that have been thrown out in court three times, newly empowered Republican majorities in the Alaska House and Senate would rather pursue a partisan, anti-choice agenda than fight for the rights of Alaskan women.

Funny, the Alaska lawmakers proudly waving their anti-government flags are the same lawmakers who think the government should dictate what’s best for you, your wife, or your daughter. The partisan assault on our most basic and fundamental right to decide what we do with our own bodies is real and happening here. Alaska women deserve leaders that care, that listen, and that work to protect their interests. They are supposed to represent us. It’s time to make them listen.

— Kate Lanier-Moylan