Letter: Points to ponder on Trayvon

Response to William Ahrens, Lorraine Tardy (Letters July 20) and Mark Wilcox (Letters, July 18):

William Ahrens of Eagle River  suggests public reaction wouldn’t be the same had Trayvon Martin been white. That the cops and court would have proceeded entirely differently had Trayvon been white and Zimmerman black is more to the point.

Lorraine Tardy’s opinion notwithstanding, I do have experience with juries: enough to know that prospective jurors, prosecutors, and judges don’t check their prejudices at the courthouse door.

Mark Wilcox parrots two overused — and inaccurate — arguments:

Firstly, that Zimmerman didn’t predicate his defense on “stand-your-ground” doesn’t change the fact the jury was INSTRUCTED to take SYG into account in their deliberations.

Secondly, the argument that “blacks kill each other more than whites kill blacks” is irrelevant. Whites kill whites more than blacks kill whites, too, but you don’t hear anyone mention this to rationalize “profiling” black kids as “thugs.”

And apparently SYG doesn’t apply to black women who fire warning shots at abusive husbands. Zimmerman’s trial judge sentenced Marissa Alexander to 20 years for shooting a wall.

— Al-Hajj Frederick H Minshall