Letter: Government, media, NAACP, et. al. fuel racist actions

The three most egregious purveyors of racist and bigoted action and promotion are as follows:

By far, and most egregious, is our own federal government, for their goal is to divide us all.

Secondly is the main stream media, who unfortunately follow in support of said federal government.

And last, but not least, are those such as the NAACP, Jackson, Sharpton, et. al., that invent racism where none exists.

We are all of us individuals, and should be treated, and judged, as only that. Individuals.

We, as humans, should only react to another’s individuality, and individual actions, or thought processes, and most of us do just that.

It is those who concentrate upon pigment, ethnicity, and personal choice that are the racists and bigots, and the above three are the greatest corruptors of what defines individualism, regardless of ones pigment, ethnicity, or personal choice.

Wake up, people!

— Randy Lee Harkins


Anchorage Daily News