Letter: Listen to Parnell and friends and you’ll think we’re doing fine

I support the Air Force efforts to balance their budget and the relocation of the squadron toward that end. 

What’s interesting though are the folks that gave us sequestration, and thanks to our congressional delegation that supported it, are the same ones predicting dire consequences if the squadron moves to Anchorage.

How is it you can be for sequestration one minute and not the next? And to the owner of the auto business who said he would loose 40 percent of his business; the federal government built 40 percent of your business? Is that being a little too dependent on us taxpayers?

However, rest assured the pain won’t last long because Gov. Parnell, Rep. Wilson and the 2013 Legislature said that rolling back taxes on the oil companies would result in increased employment along with a natural gas pipeline and the Susitna Hydro Project. Future looks good according to them!

— Clinton R. Hodges II