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JBER gatecrasher faces 5 years plus $78,000 repair bill

Sean Doogan

A driver who crashed through a gate onto a U.S. military base outside Anchorage, Alaska, -- triggering a 10-minute chase and gunfire before escaping off-base and back into the city -- found himself sentenced to five years in a federal jail for the joyride.

Alaska U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler announced the sentencing Wednesday after 26-year-old Kyle Scott Hansen of Anchorage pleaded guilty to one count of assaulting a federal officer. Other charges related to the mayhem, back in January, were dropped.

According to court documents, just after midnight on January 19, Hansen drove his blue GMC pickup through Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson’s Boniface gate, without stopping for security officers. He was pursued by base police and was clocked at speeds up to 60 miles per hour as he tried to drive through the sprawling military facility and exit through another gate, in Government Hill.

When he couldn’t get through that gate, Hansen turned around, avoiding a roadblock and knocking over an airman who was trying to stop him – resulting in the assault charge. Several shots were fired by base police as they continued to pursue Hansen – who eventually drove back through the gate he came in, and disappeared onto Anchorage roadways. Anchorage police were unable to locate Hansen until later that day, when they arrested him in Eagle River, a bedroom community about 15 miles north of JBER’s Boniface gate.

His truck was found in an Anchorage neighborhood, with two flat tires and several bullet holes in the windshield. Hansen was unhurt by the gunfire and police chase.

Court documents say Hansen admitted to using Coricidin D – a cold remedy he took as a substitute for alcohol and drugs – prior to driving through the JBER gate.  

At the time of his arrest, Hansen had four prior convictions for driving while under the influence, and one prior conviction for felony evading -- after refusing to stop for Anchorage police in August 2008.

In her sentencing of Hansen on Wednesday, U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Gleason said she was troubled by the fact that Hansen had just been released from prison after a three-year sentence for the 2008 eluding conviction.  

In addition to the 60-month sentence, Hansen has been ordered to pay $78,000 restitution for damage he caused to JBER’s Boniface gate.

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