Letter: Alaska’s American Legion ball has rules that make no sense

American Legion Baseball in Alaska is turning into a joke: telling teams (East) they have to forfeit the rest of their season, with no explicable reason why. They had nine players in uniform, all from their boundaries, at every game. Telling a team in Kenai that they must forfeit games for using a player from Anchor Point. However, Anchor Point doesn’t have a team. Oh, that’s right, I guess kids in towns such as Homer, Seward and Anchor Point just can’t play baseball anymore after little league is over.

However, the so-called “board members,” if one can even figure out who runs this show, will simply say that the goal is to grow the program in Alaska. Yes, that’s right, grow the program if your name is South, Dimond or Service; as for everyone else in the entire state, sorry, who cares. It used to be if you didn’t have a team in your town you could play at the next closest place; not anymore. Way to go, guys, keep it up!

— Kenneth Butler