'Sharknado' coming to Anchorage IMAX


A special midnight showing of the instant social media cult hit “Sharknado” will take place on the big screen at Regal Tikhatnu cinema in Anchorage. It will also be shown at the Regal Goldstream in Fairbanks at the same time, Saturday, Aug. 3. 

The Syfy network’s made-for-TV disaster spoof about a giant tornado full of giant man-eating sharks descending on Los Angeles was a social media sensation when it aired on June 11. The Los Angeles Times reported 350,000 tweets about the movie, peaking at 5,000 per minute, which it called “a big number for a television program.” The Nielsen rating company said 1.37 million people watched the show, and they weren’t all teens. The median age was 46.8.

The network quickly announced a sequel, set to debut next year. The new movie will transplant the ecological horror from California to New York City.

The showing on big screens in 200 theaters around the country is being done by NCM Fathorm Events, the same company that brings live or near-live movie theater broadcasts of concert events like Garrison Keillor’s show, Metropolitan Opera productions, ballet, Broadway musicals and drum corps extravaganzas.

The one-time-only showing of “Sharknado” in the Anchorage IMAX facility will start at 12:05 a.m. on Aug. 3.