Letter: Dipnetters show disrespect by trashing Kasilof’s beach

It’s Tuesday, July 23. The recent influx of dipnetters to the Kasilof River on the Kenai Peninsula has left the beach littered with fish carcasses, water bottles and miscellaneous other human trash. But the most obvious remnant of the recent visitors to dipnet salmon out of the Kasilof River is the pile of trash left around the already overflowing Dumpsters that are provided for the public by the DNR. Kasilof’s community beach has become the dumping ground for visitors who live far from the area, many who come from Anchorage. This is a community beach, not a dump. Please — if the Dumpsters are full, take your trash with you and dispose of it at a transfer station. After watching the negative impact of the dipnet fishery increase over nearly 20 years, I am dismayed at the lack of respect shown by people to our amazing Alaska environment.

— Rebecca Hammer