Haines man who shot dogs threatening his rabbits won't be charged

From the Chilkat Valley News: Haines Borough police say they've dropped an investigation of a man who allegedly shot arrows into two dogs on his property, killing one of them, even though a magistrate ruled police had probably cause to charge him. The suspect had decided to take problems with roaming dogs into his own hands after earlier borough citations failed to prevent two dog owners from letting their dogs run free. “I just feel that the limited resources that we do have are better spent on crimes against people,” said interim police chief Simon Ford.

[Magistrate John] Hutchins’ decision, penned July 18, said while police wanted to charge the defendant under one section of borough code, the defendant should be allowed to use another section of code to defend himself against the charge; namely, that he was defending another animal from immediate attack by the dogs.

Over the past three years, the defendant has repeatedly called police and the Haines Animal Rescue Kennel to complain about stray dogs on his property bothering his rabbits, Hutchins wrote. ... On Jan. 13, one of the dogs shot with an arrow returned to its owner’s home with a rabbit pelt in its mouth. The defendant’s “frustration built to the point where he felt he had no choice but to take matters into his own hands,” Hutchins wrote.

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