Letter: Believing that hoodies are only the stuff of gangs is wrongheaded

Dr. Rogers argues that a hoodie on a black kid is a “gang uniform.” His stereotype is racist, insulting and dangerous.

My 13-year-old granddaughter is black, and tall for her age — 5-foot-7. She’s a straight 'A’ student, and participates in three school sports. She’s sometimes loud, obnoxious and impulsive like most teenagers, but overall a good kid and the apple of her grandpa’s eye. She’s not a “thug” and doesn’t associate with thugs.

A couple of years ago I bought her a black “hoodie” from the “Killer Whale Cafe” in Cordova with a beautiful black-and-white Orca printed on it. I sent her another one from Dutch Harbor that says “YUCK — Young Urban Cod Killer” because she loves to fish.

She also loves her hoodies, and everything else I send her from Alaska — one of her chief “bragging points” to her friends is that “my grandpa works where they film 'Deadliest Catch.’ ”

I’d hate to ask her to send the hoodies back, but for her own safety I may have to.

— Al-Hajj Frederick H Minshall