Letter: Western civilization should look to future of renewable resources

This may be an oxymoron for an Alaskan made secure by oil, but continuing civil advancement through cannibalizing what we already enjoy, from burning our organic past just for today’s affluence to the zero-sum economics of a finance-centered capitalism, will only diminish the quality and satisfaction available for life in a civilized future.To curtail the intensity of this decline curve, our first step must be to arrest the fossilizing of Western civilization — the “crystalizing” freeze of its natural progression with time — through the continued use, and/or abuse, of fossil fuels. We cannot suppose to better humanity, especially after now needing to live with consequences we’ve already created, by devouring the only foundation upon which advancement is possible.
To sustain our potential opportunities for bettering tomorrow, “fracking,” or any fossil fuel energy extraction, for burning and polluting what the Earth has given us, simply for private wealth, must be alternated to un-wasteful, renewable sources, before it’s too late.

— John S. Sonin