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Letter: How can columnist claim to understand Palestinians?

How is it that Cal Thomas has such a clear understanding of what the Palestinians want (column, Aug. 1)? Does he and the supporters of Greater Israel really believe that every Palestinian “will accept nothing less than the complete annihilation of Israel”? As if that were a possibility.

Or is such an assertion simply employed to deflect criticism of a country that has perpetrated a brutal military occupation for decades? It is insulting to compare the Palestinians, as a whole, to serial killers that have broken into the home of the Israelis. It is much more apt to compare the Palestinians to the Canaanites from whom they descend.

Before Israel is acknowledged to be a “Jewish” state, there needs to be some agreement on the definition of “Jewish.” Is this a religious term, an ethnic term, or a figment of the imagination of those who wish to cleanse the land of its original inhabitants? If Israel is a “Jewish” state, what of those Jews living outside Israel? Should they be repatriated?

— Kenneth Baitsholts