Letter: No reason to revisit Pilgrim patriarch’s story

I am writing this comment regarding the article run a few weeks ago in the paper on Tom Kizzia’s book “ Pilgrim’s Wilderness” from the perspective of a direct family member. I believe this story of my Dad’s life should have died with him and not been encouraged to go on. My fear would be that his life encourages people to do the wrong thing.

I lived this life with him and I believe it should never have been portrayed to the public like it has been done in this book. Though he was my father and I respect him for that role, he did a lot of hurt to a lot of people, mainly his family. 

Is there a reason why the hurt has to be relived? The book is not what it appears to be on the front cover, one big happy family. I would be careful to not have your children read it. Its content is to be equaled with X-rated material. 

— David Hale