Letter: People Mover shifts to make life harder for some people

Once again the northeast part of Anchorage is getting short shrift when municipal services are apportioned. I am talking about the People Mover route changes released this week. Specifically, that a huge rerouting of Route 8 will take place, making bus service extremely difficult for current riders to access.

A total of seven stops are being eliminated along Donna Drive, Staedem Drive and East Fourth Avenue. The route will instead use DeBarr from Turpin to Boniface, an area already served by Route 15. Those losing out include many lower income people. Many do not own vehicles; some have physical impairments; others are single parents with small children. Everyone will find it very difficult to reach the new stops. Sidewalks in this area are rare and winter will only add to the misery.

By all means boost service to Mountain View by 33 percent, but not at the expense of another route. I for one will be attending the meeting of the Transit Advisory Board on Thursday, Aug. 8, at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall. Will reason prevail?

— Pat Baysinger