Letter: Telling Pilgrim story can help prevent more abuse

While I certainly understand that it must be difficult for David Hale (Letters Aug. 2) to relive the stories of the Pilgrims, I hope that he may one day see the bigger picture — telling this story helps such a situation not be repeated.

Preventing such hurt, abuse and multiple communities’ roles in turning a blind eye toward such atrocities should be of utmost importance. Why hide the story if it gives the chance to prevent others’ such hurt and turmoil?

Especially in Alaska, where sexual abuse is the highest in the nation, the telling of this story is vital to the prevention of others having to endure such awfulness, and essential in the cause to start changing these statistics towards the better.

Kudos to Tom Kizzia for presenting this story in an engaging format that is helping so many to understand the signs of an abuser and thus using this sad story to promote good.

— Liz Villarreal