Alaska Ear: For a good time ... (8/4/2013)

A detail from the CHARR convention schedule - Autumn 2013.
Alaska license plate - DixPix. July 2013

DOING A NUMBER ... The drama of the Republican Party's heartburn with its own front-runner in the U.S. Senate race continues to intrigue earwigs. The latest poll by PPP (Public Policy Polling), an organization that may or may not favor Democrats, says Sarah Palin can easily win the Republican primary, even though 46 percent polled no longer consider her an Alaskan, but she can't beat Mark Begich in the general.

Who can beat him? Mead Treadwell and The Other Dan Sullivan are the closest but still a little behind. A Begich-Treadwell race has Mark winning 44-40 percent. Begich-Sullivan puts Mark ahead 46-39.

To quote PPP: Begich "does so well in the horse races because none of the Republicans is that well liked and Palin and Miller are downright despised."

And why are we even reading this, given that it has no meaning for elections still more than a year away?

We're bored. It's fun. Whatever.

VOTER PTSD ... Convicted former legislator Vic Kohring is running for office again. In his press release promising he won't commit crimes this time, Vic refers to his indictment and conviction as "carelessness" and a "personal legal trauma."

Will he be elected? A popular definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. But it's the Valley, so who knows.

NO COMMENT ... Ear got a press release announcing the venerable Nerland ad agency (Rick's old firm) is changing its name to Spawn.

Was someone punking the Divine Appendage?

Apparently not.


There are so many questions.

ON THE MOVE ... Friends say former APRN Washington reporter Libby Casey has accepted a job as a correspondent with the new Al Jazeera cable network in D.C.

• Meanwhile, friends of Peter Granitz, who took Libby's gig with APRN, say he is preparing to leave soon for Haiti. Apparently he's looking for a place with even fewer roads than Alaska, quipped one wig.

• Closer to home, Staci Feger, Channel 11 news director, has left as scheduled. The FCC, however, has not yet approved the GCI purchase of 11 and two other Alaska TV stations, so the big reorganization is still on hold. Reporter-producer M.J. Thim is filling in as interim news director until the FCC acts and new leadership comes on board. Word is Staci is heading off on a trip to Nepal.

TRADE WINDS ... It's a nice gesture but just wrong somehow: the city Solid Waste Service had a "customer appreciation open house" Saturday with free food and lots of fun. It was held at the Central Transfer Station -- isn't that just a fancy word for the in-town city dump? A party at the dump?

On the other hand, the event featured a swap table -- "Trade an unwanted item for treasure."

Rats! That means Ear could have swapped out a couple of used politicians, right?

GIVE 'TIL IT HURTS ... Anchorage's version of a social season has begun. No one has to dress up, just bring a fat checkbook.

Mao Tosi, Ed Graff, Karen King and Judith Crotty were among the models walking the runway at the Clare House fashion show/fundraiser last week.

The annual garden party for the Alaska Native Heritage Center collected $192,000 Thursday -- and earwigs report money is still coming in. This is one the bigwigs show up for. Among the guests: Bill Sheffield, Mayor Dan and the Lovely Lynette, legislators Gabrielle LeDoux and Geran Tarr, real estate czar Dean Weidner, lots of oilies and Native corporation officials, Assembly boss Ernie Hall, Dr. Tom Vasileff (he bought the NS haul road ride at the APU auction), Arliss and a zillion others, including artist Drew Michael, whose giant masks were on display in the Sather-Kaplan garden venue.

Did otherwise respectable Valley women pull on black tights and dance to "Abracadabra" as a happy birthday to Rep. Bill Stoltze, R-Chugiak? An earwig says it happened Tuesday at a fundraiser for Palmer Mayor DeLena Johnson.

No checkbook was needed for the fun and food at Heather Flynn's street party Saturday to celebrate her 70th birthday. Everyone was welcome.

MEA CULPA ... Ear should have checked the meaning of "key grip" last week. Earwigs who actually know something say it's the engineer behind the camera department who handles lights and rigs cameras. Sorry, Alan.

Compiled by Sheila Toomey Message Sheila at 257-4341 or