Letter: Anchorage Market head knows what he’s doing

I know Bill Webb because when my daughter was 15 and looking for her first job, guess who would hire a 15-year-old? Saturday Market. Every summer they take teens with no skills and turn them into a superior working crew who learn to set up and tear down the market, help vendors, assist tourists, haul garbage and leave proud and happy with marketable job skills. I also worked for him as a bookkeeper until I retired my business. So you have to admit, I know Bill Webb.

I know that he runs the whole Anchorage Market operation like it’s a Fortune 500 company and he does it with a couple of office staff and a few pc’s. I know he has developed every sheet, form, advertisement, idea and procedure that the market uses. I know he has a great rapport with his staff, vendors and the public. I know that as far as I’m concerned, Bill Webb is the Anchorage Market and the ACDA should be ashamed for trying to force him out!

— Margaret Strobbe