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AK Beat: Campbell Creek Park revamped in summer of Anchorage parks renovations

Alaska Dispatch

Campbell Creek Park, revamped: A new and improved Campbell Creek Park reopened Saturday, renovated this summer as the municipality undertakes dozens of different projects across the vast urban park system. The Parks and Recreation Department said via that the price tag for renovating Campbell Creek Park came in at $250,000. Other major renovations underway across the parks system include portions of the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and several new playgrounds.

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Bootlegger brews up small town trouble: A grand jury in Kotzebue, a city with 3,000 residents and the largest in Alaska’s Northwest Arctic Borough, handed down an indictment with nine counts for the Buckland bootlegger, Gary A. Ballot. The Buckland resident tried to boat in 7.5 liters of distilled spirits, around 19 gallons of malt beverage and 5.25 liters of wine to his community, but was confronted by the village’s police officer, Lorin B. Geary, when he came ashore. Ballot allegedly shot the officer, but Alaska State Troopers declined to detail what led up to the shooting. Geary’s injury was not life threatening. Ballot has been indicted on charges of first-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault, five counts of third-degree assault, second-degree escape and alcohol importation to a local-option community, as well as multiple misdemeanors. In 1982, Buckland voted to make itself a local-option community and ban the importation of alcohol.