Letter: Put Alaska ahead of politics, oil

The Alaska Division of Elections has verified the required signatures on the referendum to repeal SB 21. If it survives the inevitable obligatory legal challenges by political opponents (oil companies and their  cronies), then it is all but certain to be on the 2014 state ballot. If the repeal makes it to the ballot, then the people of Alaska get to decide, rather than oil company surrogates. And if Alaska voters vote to repeal SB 21 (as I believe they should), then I propose that individual districts “repeal” those legislators who voted against the will of the people. 

It’s time to put Alaska (and the people in it) ahead of political parties, state politicians and the oil companies that own their legislative power.

This single act of fiduciary malfeasance should be an electoral litmus test for all Alaskans.

— Mike Citro



Anchorage Daily News