Letter: How about adding ‘North, South, East and West’ to the Left-Right?

I enjoy reading the editorial page, discovering and thinking about alternative points of view. Recently the format has changed. I thank ADN for making an effort to teach our citizens which hand is Left. And which hand is Right. If words were removed altogether, the lesson would be more effective. Put a print of a left hand and a right hand so we can match our hands on the shapes to help remember. 

Another interesting preschool lesson is to label the page by direction: Top is “North.” Bottom is “South.” Left is “West.” Right is “East.” Multi-generational Alaskans tell me — “Alaska became the northernmost southern state after the oil boom.” Alaskans used to care about each other. Alaskans used to listen to each other. 

Our health outcomes certainly fit the page bottom, prison populations, voting rights, attitudes about race, treatment of women and children. We could all use more knowledge about community, geography and history. Or maybe, just label the page “Up” and “Down.”

— Ann Lovejoy



Editor’s note: Objections noted and sustained. The Left-Right feature is now Perspectives. We’ll continue to provide a range of opinions and analysis without the labels. Thanks for reading and for writing.