Letter: The Left-Right page needs to drop the labeling

The Left-Right page in the paper brings the polarization of political parties in America to the local level. The articles in this section are enhancing the now ever present schism between political groups. Our country was built on compromise — states compromised over African Americans’ rights; compromise was fundamental to the Constitutional Convention. 

Now, our nation is being torn apart by people who disagree with suggestions made by another political party solely because they come from the other party. The last thing we need is to support this.

Don’t get me wrong, the articles are interesting reads; they are short and thoughtful enough to hold the attention of me — the high school student. I don’t believe the solution is deleting the page, and I do believe the articles portray an interesting view on important issues.

I’d like to see changes made so there wasn’t labeling. Heck, a Democrat might find they agree with ideas from an article written by a Republican that the Democrat may not have read (or vice-versa) had there been such division.

— Lilly Harris