Alaska Ear: Eternal springs (8/11/2013)

Sheila Toomey

ETERNAL SPRINGS . . . Hope that "The Frozen Ground" movie will actually play in a theater here got a boost from word that USC will screen the movie on Aug. 22, a day before its alleged American premiere.

Yes, USC is in Los Angeles, Calif., not Alaska.

Don't be a spoilsport.

So far, the tale of rapist/serial killer Robert Hansen, featuring a bunch of Alaskans in real and bit parts, is scheduled for an Aug. 23 opening, but theatrically bent earwigs say even movies starring Nicholas Cage and John Cusak can go straight to video. Ear hopes not.

SHOE DROPS . . . The Juneau crowd -- meaning legislators collecting summer per diem, long-suffering staffers and state workers -- didn't have to wait long for the punishment phase of the latest "I thought the mic was off" snafu.

During a July 24 teleconferenced meeting on the Department of Health and Social Services budget, Rep. Bill Stoltze, R-Chugiak, said something nasty to a department official -- no big surprise there. But an HSS person, participating remotely, allegedly thought her phone was muted and yelled back in frustration, using the F-word.

Unfortunately, she was the department's legislative liaison and Stoltze is co-chair of House Finance.


As of this week, she's no longer the department's legislative liaison.

Did Stoltze demand her ouster? Apparently not. His reputation for payback is such that Commissioner Bill Streur transferred the sinner without prompting. (Of course, that's not how the commissioner puts it.)

For a friendlier version of events, check out Amanda Coyne's blog at She quotes Streur, whose budget depends on Stoltze.

VIRTUAL MONEY . . . Clare Ross, a House candidate from West Anchorage, added a new angle to campaign fundraising Thursday, pitching a "Virtual Fundraiser" to fans instead of asking them to just, for cryin' out loud, send money.

Make an online donation, the pitch went. Then "party on Facebook and Twitter."

Signing on is so much easier than actually going to someone's home for wine and flesh-pressing.

"A fundraiser for the future," as Ross put it.

No word on how much cash it raised, but if it was successful, earwigs expect to have a whole bunch of actual lawmakers putting a virtual arm on them in the future.

OUT AND ABOUT . . . Spotted in Anchorage last week, Sitka Sen. Bert Stedman, with his arm in a sling. The story is he was helping carry a heavy appliance when the other guy dropped his end.


Earwigs say Stedman was more annoyed that he can't go fishing than at the pain of a nasty muscle tear.

ON THE MOVE . . . Former ADN Valley reporter Zaz Hollander is back on the job. Yea!

DIDN'T READ . . . The story headlined "Don't forget: You can eat those salmon heads, including the eyeballs."

DID READ . . . In Monday's classified ads: "Instruction & Tudoring."

WILL READ . . . Homer garden design guru Brenda Adams' book , "There's a Moose in my Garden," is now available -- just in time for you to plan a yard redesign for next year. It's at and in local bookstores.

ADN columnist Elise Patkotak has a new book out: "Coming into the City," about her re-entry to urban life after 20-plus years in Barrow. It's available from

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