Childs is new leader in Seward Silver Salmon Derby

Wasilla's Don Childs became the fourth new leader in the Seward Silver Salmon Derby since Saturday when he bagged a 17.13-pounder aboard the Troublemaker in Thumb Cove on Monday morning.

Childs pushed Palmer's Richard Jensen and his 16.67-pound catch from Sunday into second place, and Anchorage's Nick Hunter is in third with a catch of 16.05 pounds. Last year's winning fish weighed 16.14 pounds.

Competition comes to a close Sunday, with the winner claiming a $10,000 prize and second place taking $5,000.

Derby tickets are still available for $10 per day through sales outlets in the Seward boat harbor.


Seward Silver Salmon Derby

Top 10 — 1) Don Childs, Wasilla, 17.13; 2) Richard Jensen, Palmer, 16.67; 3) Nick Hunter, Anchorage, 16.05; 4) Cathleen Vestral, Anchorage, 15.79; 5) Kevin Cabalbal, Anchorage, 15.78; 6) Wesley Hixson, Palmer, 15.35; 7) Erik Johnson, Anchorage, 15.24; 8) Ben Dubbe, Homer, 15.18; 9) Tim Dougherty, Anchorage, 15.16; 10) Nick Tallman, Seward, 15.15.



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