Letter: Jesus did, in fact, often judge people

In response to the ABT position on homosexuality, and recent letters stating that “Jesus was a God of love and did not judge”… half true. Jesus often judged, just as he did with the woman at the well, saying that he forgave her sin, but also, to “go and sin no more.”

Isn’t it odd how that part is not included in these letters. If he didn’t judge people’s lifestyle, then why did they kill him? Pastor Prevo and many ABT members love the Boy Scouts and hate what their “national” headquarters did while bending to the gay movement. But, if churches kept their doors open for this, they may be legally bound to hire homosexual school teachers and other staff, and feel that would be against Gods law and how He wants “all” of us to live a healthy, safe and happy life.

— Sandra K. Smith