Video: Kohring asking Smith and Allen for a loan to cover $17,000 credit card debt

Rep. Vic Kohring, meeting in Suite 604 with Veco CEO Bill Allen and Veco VP Rick Smith, describes mounting personal financial problems and asks the executives "if you guys would consider helping me." They discuss various options, including a loan or a job. Kohring emphasizes he doesn't want to violate the law or raise red flags. When Kohring says he's looking forward to visiting his wife and daughter over upcoming Easter weekend, Allen says he likes to give kids Easter eggs with money inside - and asks Smith for cash, which Allen then hands to the lawmaker. Allen hands Kohring more cash a moment later. Kohring thanks them and then describes how he plans to talk with various lawmakers on behalf of Veco and the oil tax plan the company executives were pushing at the time. Kohring at the time was chairman of the House Special Committee on Oil and Gas. Video courtesy of the U.S. Justice Department