Wasilla game guide guilty of hunting in off-limit area

A Wasilla big game guide pled guilty Friday to operating outside the area in which he is registered, according to Alaska State Troopers.

Peter Barela, 49, who owns Barela's Alaskan Outfitters, was fined $2,500 (with $2,000 suspended) and placed on probation until 2015. His guide license was also suspended, pending successful completion of probation, troopers said in an online report posted Tuesday afternoon.

Officials say Barela and an assistant guide conducted a wolf hunt with a client in an area that was off-limits to his business. During the illegal hunt, the assistant guide shot and killed a wolverine "while in the employ of Barela, and in the company of the client," the report states.

By Anchorage Daily News/ adn.com