Letter: Almighty might not agree with you

I’m amazed at the letter writers who have been criticizing Anchorage Baptist Temple’s decision to send the Boy Scouts packing.

How confident these writers are. They seem to know exactly how Jesus would handle this situation. Even Christ’s disciples, having walked with him daily for three years, were never able to predict what Jesus said or did. The Apostles constantly misunderstood his teachings, asked him stupid questions and quarreled among themselves. 

What makes their pronouncements even more impressive is the fact that many of these letter writers rarely read the Bible, go to church or serve in Christian ministries. And yet, based on little more than a vague impression of who Jesus is, they are able to tell us what Christ would do. Amazing!

I’ll conclude this letter with a word of caution: be careful when you say, “Jesus would do this” — especially if you haven’t bothered to study Christ’s life and teachings. Aren’t you doing exactly what you condemn in others — assuming that your point of view is shared by the Almighty?

— David Murrow