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Letter: Children are unfortunate losers in Prevo’s abandonment of Scouts

It has been interesting to read Bible passages taken out of context and spun in the letters to the editor. Dr. Prevo and his church may interpret the Bible any way they want, and if they believe that boy scouting is contrary to their church mission they may exclude them, just as my church would vote to exclude any group which promoted discrimination of the type Dr. Prevo practices.

Elise Patkotak (Column, Aug. 14) makes the mistake of arguing theology by yanking verses out of context. I agree with her stand on homosexual and transgender rights. I strongly object to this statement: “Jerry Prevo inhabits a small, mean little world of exclusion in which only a god of vengeance and anger exist. That’s the Old Testament God.”

This comment smacks of supercessionism, as if Jesus were not Jewish, did not also follow the Hebrew Bible, and that he somehow came as a replacement to the inferior Jewish God.  Odd then, that Temple Beth Sholom welcomes those scouts Prevo banished.

It is sad that our children are the pawns and losers in this game.

— Rev. George E, Blair III

First Congregational Church