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Letter: Future of Boys Scouts in doubt

The Anchorage Baptist Temple Boy Scout troop is not alone. The Rabbit Creek Church told my son’s troop to leave. Worse, individual scouts are leaving and leaders are resigning.

The concern is about having “openly gay scouts” in troop meetings, having them “buddy” with scouts as young as 11; sharing tents, sharing shower facilities … the morality has our family deeply concerned. It is not what we signed up for.

Maybe I am too old, maybe my values are archaic. Our family has had members (a sister, and an uncle) choose this path, so this is not new to us. The concern I have is that being openly gay means you are going to bring an aggressively gay lifestyle into the moral arena of scout troop life and make everyone around you aware of your choice. I am not ready for this activity within the troop, made up of those who until now I considered role models and peers for my son.

This policy change has put into question whether the Boy Scouts of America has a future.

— Jim Foss