Exploratory committee met to assess potential bid to host 2026 Olympic Winter Games

The Anchorage Olympic Winter Games Exploratory Committee, led by Mayor Dan 

Sullivan, met to begin assessing a potential bid to become Host City for the 

2026 Olympic Winter Games. 

The Anchorage Olympic Winter Games Exploratory Committee met today to discuss plans to assess the viability of Anchorage hosting the 2026 Olympic Winter Games. 

Subcommittees have been formed and tasked with specific goals in the areas of venues, events, marketing and public relations and finance. Committee members will lend specific support as experts in their area of business, gathering and reporting necessary information in order to assess the community’s ability to meet criteria put forth by the International Olympic Committee. 

Emeritus committee member Rick Nerland, Secretary General of the previous Anchorage Organizing Committee, gave a presentation designed to share his wisdom and experience with the new committee members. Mayor Sullivan reminded the committee that the previous Anchorage bid efforts were privately funded and that if a decision is made to proceed, the new effort will also be supported by private funding. “I am very excited about the prospect of Anchorage, once again representing the United States in bidding for the Olympic Winter Games,” said Mayor Sullivan, “I want to thank all the members of the Exploratory Committee for their enthusiasm and commitment to this project.” 

The Exploratory Committee reviewed the two year bid process of the United States Olympic Committee, currently being revised by the USOC. The International Olympic Committee’s bid process was also reviewed and the recent locations of the games were discussed. The award for the Host City is announced seven years in advance of the games, so the 2026 Winter Olympic Games Host City will be announced in 2019. 

A list of Exploratory Committee members and additional information on the project is 

available: Olympic Exploratory Committee members and more info.


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