Juneau woman escapes bear encounter with minor injuries

From the Juneau Empire: A Juneau woman feels lucky to have escaped a bear encounter with only minor injuries. Désireé Goble, a 36-year-old waitress, was walking home from her boyfriend's house in the Mendenhall Valley shortly after 10 p.m. Sunday when she heard a noise behind her.

“I saw four legs in the dark and thought it may be a dog, but then I realized it was a bear,” she said. “And it was huffing, and I could just hear his nails hitting the ground as it ran toward me. It took maybe a second before he was right on me.”

Goble said the bear swiped her in the leg with its paw as she was lunging off of the rock to run away.

“You’re not supposed to run, but my instinct — I ran,” she said, “and I screamed the entire time.”

A neighbor diverted the bear's attention and Goble made it to a friend's home safely with only a few scratches.

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