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Letter: Sedwick was still commissioner of department in August 2002

Mr. Kohring seems confused (Compass, Aug. 14). He faults Judge Sedwick with a conflict of interest because the judge is married to the former commissioner of the Department of Commerce and Economic Development (DCED). Mr. Kohring alleges he cost Commissioner Sedwick her job. As a former 21½-year employee of that department, I know this to be an inaccurate statement.

It is true that the Department of Community and Regional Affairs was abolished and functions transferred to other departments. The Community and Regional Affairs commissioner’s position ceased. Ms. Sedwick continued as DCED commissioner until shortly before the 2002 general election. It is very common for department commissioners to depart state employment when there will soon be a change in administrations.

I do not know if there was enmity between Ms. Sedwick and Mr. Kohring. I do know that she was still my commissioner in late August 2002 when she pinned on my 20-year service pin, presented me with a certificate and had her picture taken with me.

— Patricia Park-Fisher