Letter: Haycox’s comments on Halcro and Palin are hardly credible

Re: Steve Haycox’s comments on a private conversation between Andrew Halcro and Sarah Palin (Column, Aug. 9).

Please! These comments defy credibility. Does anyone think a he said/she said moment between Andrew and Sarah could be honestly and accurately reported on by a left wing academic ideologue, or by Halcro, an avowed Palin hater?

When I watch a political debate, I’m interested in “facts and figures.” But facts can be spun, and figures can lie. I’m far more interested in a candidate’s values. Values like honesty and integrity, or where a candidate stands on matters such as abortion or the meaning of the word marriage. Or, the proper role of government in our lives?

If you ask those closest to the policy debate that took place over ACES and AGIA, Sarah knew plenty about the nuts and bolts of both issues.

— Lee Moeglein

Settlers Bay