Letter: Parnell should stop posturing and do what’s best for state

I feel like one of the few compelling ways Gov. Parnell can convince people that his opposition to “Obamacare” is good policy is by using that name for the law, as he did in his op-ed on Aug. 10 no less than 10 times. By linking the Affordable Care Act to big bad Barack Hussein Obama, Parnell automatically skews public opinion against the law. Not once does he refer to the law by its actual name, perhaps because that would remind readers that the law had huge benefits for Alaskans’ wallets.

For example, the health insurance exchanges Parnell hardheadedly refuses to set up have already brought down health-care costs in states like New York for the first time in decades. Also, Parnell leaves out how his anti-Obama, anti-federal government sentiment actually yields them more control; the health insurance exchanges will still be set up, but now they will be administered from D.C. instead of by our fellow Alaskans.

Parnell needs to stop the political posturing and do what is good for this state.

— Joe Samaniego