Fox News host O'Reilly psychoanalyzes Alaskans during vacation

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly took a vacation to Alaska and now is claiming to have gotten inside Alaskans' heads, explaining via a short national column that we hate convention, don't care about trends or our appearance ("...When you can be snowed in for weeks at a time -- I mean, who's gonna see you?") and can be perfectly happy without showers, Internet access and TV. And, oh yeah, we  seethe over big government, especially Obamacare, just about 24/7. Then he invites the entire nation to come visit.

[Alaska] is far away from everything but well worth the trip. This is America the way it used to be. And the way things are going in the Lower 48, the way it used to be is likely gone forever.

John Aronno of the Alaska Commons website counters O'Reilly's "mansplaining." 

Somehow, I doubt the looks of the Best Buy parking lot on the day PFD checks come out would fit neatly into O’Reilly’s character profile of Joe Alaska. But he likely doesn’t vacation here in October and I doubt he gave it that much thought. He certainly didn’t afford the rest of the article that courtesy.