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Letter: Commercial fishermen win if ‘crazy’ CSP plan implemented

The citizens of Alaska are about to be “ripped off” by another crazy commercial fishing interest scheme called “Catch Share Plan” (CSP). 

I am convinced that it is inspired by the greed of a very few — the commercial fisherman. 

This plan has nothing to do with conservation of resource — only who benefits from Alaska’s natural resources of halibut. The same amount of halibut will be taken, but the beneficiary will change to the greedy — “I want it all” commercial guys who already have an “unfair” share of our halibut resource. 

If the CSP is implemented, it will not be based on law, nor for Alaska’s financial benefit, nor for “conserving Alaska’s natural resources,” nor for common sense, but for an unfair re-distribution of Alaska’s natural wealth. If this plan is implemented, I will be left to believe that the decision makers involved have been influenced politically or, dread the thought, “financially” by the “big buck” greedy commercial fisherman. 

— Glenn Hermann