Charged in May double murder, man won't face charge for 3rd death

Casey Grove

A man facing charges of killing an elderly couple and sexually assaulting their great-granddaughter in Anchorage will not be charged with causing a third death linked to the May attack, according to state prosecutors.

Jerry Andrew Active, 24, remains jailed and charged with two counts of murder and one count each of sexual abuse of a minor, burglary and assault. Prosecutors say Active killed 73-year-old Touch Chea and his wife, 71-year-old Sorn Sreap, and sexually assaulted their 2-year-old great-grandaugther and another 91-year-old woman in the Mountain View home.

The 91-year-old -- identified as "Y.S." in a written statement from state prosecutors Tuesday -- died after the initial incident, and prosecutors hinted they might seek another murder charge for Active. But the statement says prosecutors will not pursue an indictment on a third count of murder.

"The Anchorage District Attorney's Office has completed its review of the autopsy report of 91-year-old Y.S.," says the statement, from Deputy District Attorney Clint Campion. "The State Medical Examiner's Office determined that cause of death for Y.S. was a stroke and the manner of death was natural."

Campion said later by phone that the prosecutors agreed with the medical examiner's determination that Y.S.'s death was -- at least legally -- not caused by Active.

"As you get further away from that direct causation, it's more difficult to attribute blame," Campion said.

And Active is still being prosecuted for the woman's alleged sexual assault, Campion said.

"In a sense, we're still going to be able to hold him accountable."

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