Letter: Church rules carried too far

Had to oust a long-time member from our church, due to his not following the Word of God. When will these people ever learn? Don’t they care they’re going to Hell for their sinful choices? 

We hated to do it; he was a reliable member, been with our church several years, quiet about his personal life — which was fine with me. At church gatherings, he always showed up alone — surprising because he was a good-lookin’ fellow, and don’t be getting any ideas about me after that comment; me and the missus been married 45 years this past October.

He could have kept his secret to himself; we’d never have known if he’d kept it in the closet. But no, he just had to wear that shirt woven of two different kinds of materials to last Sunday’s service. (See Leviticus 19:19.)

— Mel Holden