Letters: We need LGBT-friendly leaders

In the case that Anchorage does actually get the Winter Olympics, I certainly hope that our city and state laws would no longer reflect the attitudes of public figures like Jerry Prevo and Mayor Sullivan who represent intolerance and bigotry. Anchorage Olympic boosters should take note at the controversy currently surrounding the upcoming games in Sochi. Sure, we don’t jail LGBT advocates on the grounds of “propaganda,” but the recent decision by voters to deny LGBT people equal job and housing opportunities will look absolutely barbaric by the time we approach 2026.

Consider the tremendous speed with which the gay rights movement has moved in the last 10 years in America and around the world. Even denying gays in Alaska the right to marry will most likely cause problems by the time we get a quarter way into the 21st century.

Bottom line is if people like Dan Sullivan want the games here, then people like Dan Sullivan must change their attitudes lest we look like backward buffoons to the world.

— Mark Samaniego