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Letter: Airlines should offer deals, not fare hikes, to teachers

Teachers can take their personal vacations only during times when airlines increase their fares — holidays, spring break, or summer when prices are higher for tourist season. 

Normally prices increase as seats fill up, but during higher-demand times, prices are high on the day they are first published. Mileage tickets require double or more miles from the outset and dates may be blacked out for any benefits.

Spring break comes at a time when teachers are getting worn down from the daily grind, testing season, and increasing energy of students by the returning of more daylight; but they cannot afford to take their families outside for a rejuvenating break of warmth and sunshine. I see public support for teachers in various ways, so why do airlines punish teachers?

If airlines would offer teachers and their families reasonable prices for spring break, teachers would come back refreshed and ready to pour their positive energy into the last months of teaching your children.

— Donna Pearson