Letter: Setting up Alaska exchange for health care a no-brainer

Remember when Alaskans were known for self-sufficiency? Gov. Parnell’s decision to hand over control of the state’s health insurance exchange for “Obamacare” to the feds shows those days are gone.

Not for Idaho. Folks there are designing a website that is simple and cost effective.They hope to charge insurers less than the feds, passing back the savings. All for about $20 million of fed money. 

We could have designed our own, bringing federal dollars home to stimulate jobs. Risky? How risky was it to give up hundreds of millions in oil tax revenue with no guarantees. Some states lacking initiative and resources might abstain. With $19 billion in reserve accounts, we could have afforded to do the right thing. 

Americans are ready for change in the health care system. The runaway costs of medical care are intolerable as are delays to do something about it. I can understand the governor being frugal, especially after rolling back ACES, but with the health care needs of his people in mind this one seemed like a no-brainer.

— Chris Rice