Letter: We can do more to solve drunken driving problem

As a former substance abuse assessment counselor in Anchorage, clients provided a myriad of explanations for drunk driving charges. Among the top replies, “I almost made it home,” “I didn’t have very far to drive,” “I had an argument/fight with someone and I had to leave,” “I didn’t have a ride home, so I drove,” and “I thought I was OK to drive.”

In addition to stiffer penalties, and DUI patrols, I propose the availability of “BRAC (breath alcohol) Technicians” who will test individuals (who give consent) before leaving a function at which alcohol is served.

Second, the intoxicated person (and any other willing parties) who do not want to risk driving drunk will be given a free ride home.

Third, a ride service will be available to drive the now sober person to pick up any vehicle(s) which were parked overnight the previous morning/day/evening. 

Who will pay for this? The city? Private sector? It has to be better than innocent lives paying for drunk drivers.

— Abigail Henry