Letter: Why are schools installing turf with Outside workers?

I find it very disheartening to read that the school district is spending an additional $10 million of its budget to keep the groundskeepers from the effort required to keep the football fields level and installing carpet instead of grass. This comes at a time when teachers cannot get a decent raise. I really think I would establish an entirely different priority if it were left to me to determine where our tax dollars are spent. 

The other thing that really frosts me is the photo in the newspaper showing workers from Orem, Utah, Bend, Ore., and Seattle installing the fancy part of the rug in the middle of the field. You would think that our own city government would require local hire on million-dollar projects and not allow out-of-state workers to reap the benefits of Anchorage taxes.

Just sign me a believer in education not a waster for sports.

— Robert Baker