Letter: Alcohol industry should pay for damage caused by drinking

The tobacco industry has been made responsible for deaths caused by smoking. Should not the alcohol industry be made responsible for the deaths of millions caused by drunk drivers? Make them pay the families of those killed by drunken drivers, pay for someone to “baby-sit” the drunks, take their keys, taxis, extra police hours, etc. Pay to have pictures of victims on the walls and napkins wherever alcohol is served.

They make it, they can be responsible for the damage it causes. Hit them where it hurts … the pocketbook. In the meantime, keep a “tab” on what is paid for by the cities, courts, prisons … retroactive payment works … for everyone except for the families of those who have and continue to suffer because their loved ones were murdered by something that was 100 percent preventable.

It could happen but I fear it won’t. Too many lawmakers, lobbyists, etc., like their booze. Taking on the alcohol industry could cause problems for them and their “status.” Basically, they don’t have the guts.

It’s a crying shame!

— Kimberlee Denman Larrabee