Letter: Moore misses point of summit:to address federal overreach

Response to Shannyn Moore’s “Summit Theme: Going for the power (comment, August 18):”

Ms. Moore’s takes us for another hate-filled trip through her wild imagination. These journeys are becoming more like bad remade movies with the same tired theme. In this case, she tries to convince Alaskans that we have a bad governor and a bad Republican senator and representative. She ignores the fact that federal land managers and the EPA deliberately circumvent the Alaska Department of Natural Resources and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game efforts to manage state-owned resources for the benefit of Alaska’s economy and Alaska’s residents.

 The question being asked at the Federal Overreach Summit is: What can the State of Alaska do to keep the federal land managers and EPA from treating this state like the “National Park of Alaska” in direct conflict with the Alaska Statehood Act and Alaska Constitution. The federal government continues to overreach its authority and bypass that compact, which falls in line with Ms. Moore’s socialist Democratic mentality.

— Keith Phillips