Letter: Republicans continue to fight meaningful health care reform

I’d like to commend Mr. Combs for his recent Compass detailing the fallacies in Gov. Parnell’s opposition to the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). While a single payor “Medicare for All” would most likely best serve the needs of the American people, the ACA still represents a significant step forward.

At the national level the Republicans have called innumerable ACA repeal votes, funded all manner of misleading ads and now seem to have more plans to move to defund the ACA by again holding the federal debt limit hostage. Taking the debt ceiling hostage in 2011 led to a credit downgrade and the sequester cuts. It seems that the Republican opposition is less about “freedom” and “limited government” than about maintaining political power.

Along with Social Security and Medicare, meaningful health care reform would provide the third pillar of America’s social safety net. What was the name of the party that brought all this to the American people? Right, it definitely wasn’t the GOP.

— George J Gilson


Anchorage Daily News