Letter: Individuals make choices, so individuals hold responsibility

I am constantly confounded by comments within response to letters submitted within this format regarding personal responsibility and accountability.

It seems as if it has become a societal opinion that the individual is not responsible for their actions, but the responsibility of the substance or tool that is utilized by that individual, be it a firearm, alcohol, a vehicle, drugs both legal and illegal, etc.

Perhaps I am one that is out of touch, but I have always believed that an individuals choice leads to an individuals ownership, and therefore responsibility within said choice to assume all ramifications of said choice.

We all of us make choices in life, and said choices are ours, and ours alone.

That is what freedom means, no?

So why this continual mantra that those that make the substance, or tools, are to be held responsible for what an individual chooses to indulge, or utilize of?

The individual makes the choice.

The individual is responsible.

And the individual is culpable for any negative or positive result.

— Randy Lee Harkins