Letter: Shed computers; use old way to teach math

As a college math instructor, I find many incoming students inadequate at doing basic grade school math with a pencil and paper. Technology has become a crutch rather than a tool for math students.

The simple truth is that the more you use technology, the less you use your brain. Professional educators and administrators should know better than to buy into the seductiveness, the blitzkrieg salesmanship of technology, at the expense of students.

To know what students were expected to learn 100 years ago, Google “1912 school exam.” It will show the dilution and abstraction of present day education. To teach basic math, get rid of computers and calculators, and go back to the math textbooks of 100 years ago.

The goal of indoctrination is to get people to think the thoughts of others and follow the crowd. The goal of education is to get people to think their own thoughts and be themselves. A culture of one is just as valid as a culture of many.

— Thomas H. Morse