Letter: Utility a vital piece of system for Fairbanks gas distribution

Fairbanks needs a gas distribution system to ease the high cost of fuel for homes and businesses. Why does it matter in Anchorage? A growing economy for Alaska requires business growth all around our state, and the second largest city in the Last Frontier is being crushed by a lack of affordable-priced natural gas.

A gas distribution system in Fairbanks will create economic opportunities and, by extension, in Anchorage. As businesses in Fairbanks see significantly lower fuel costs, they will reinvest, expand and open stores in Southcentral. Fairbanks residents will have more money to spend on shopping trips and Anchorage-based events.

For that to happen, the goal has to be a system that puts community needs first, and that is exactly what the Interior Gas Utility (IGU) is doing. Its mission is simple: get gas to as many residents as possible, as quickly as possible. 

As the Regulatory Commission of Alaska looks at this puzzle, it is imperative they see IGU as a necessary piece. It is what is best for Alaska.

— Jim Dodson

Fairbanks Economic Development Corp.