Anchorage men face drug conspiracy, kidnap, firearms charges

Zaz Hollander

A federal indictment announced Friday charges that four Anchorage men sold major quantities of methamphetamine, heroin, crack and crack cocaine and kidnapped, shot or sexually assaulted other traffickers.

A federal grand jury on Aug. 23 indicted the men on drug, kidnapping and firearms charges. They are: Stuart T. "Tone" Seugasala, 38; Phosavan "P.K." Khamnivong, 33; Timothy "Lil' Tone" Miller, 25; and Anaoi "A-loc" Sialofi, 25.

A 31-year-old Anchorage woman, Stacy F. Laulu, was also indicted on charges of violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 for disclosing patient health information to Seugasala "for malicious harm."

The specifics, as described in the indictment, started in 2010 and continued until this month.

In February, Miller got five pounds of meth in California, which was shipped by a conspirator to Anchorage by Express Mail, according to the indictment. Law enforcement intercepted the parcel.

In April, Seugasala provided heroin, cocaine and meth to Miller for sale in Valdez, the indictment charges. Valdez police arrested Miller and a woman with large quantities of the drugs and they were indicted by a grand jury in May, according to a report in the Valdez Star newspaper. Miller remains jailed on charges related to that bust.

In May, Seugasala was found in possession of "approximately $8,000 in drug proceeds," the indictment says. He's currently in custody.

The men also conducted at least two home invasions that Seugasala called "missions" targeting other dealers, according to prosecutors and the indictment. One in March involved two people identified only as "Victim A" -- who owed Seugasala and Khamnivong money for drugs -- and "Victim B."

The four men held the two victims at gunpoint, bound with duct tape, and beat them, according to the indictment. Then Seugasala sexually assaulted Victim A with a hot curling iron, the indictment says. The victim needed to be hospitalized.

Miller took video of the assault on his cell phone "so that it could be shown to others who owed them drug debts," the indictment says. Seugasala showed the video to at least one other person who owed money for drugs, it says.

Two days later, Seugasala shot a third person, identified only as "Victim C", who needed medical treatment but survived, Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephan Collins said.

Then Seugasala called an unidentified Anchorage medical center, and talked with Laulu, who worked there, to see if the injured victims were cooperating with authorities or talked to hospital staff about him, the indictment says. Laulu provided health information about both victims, in violation with federal privacy regulations.

The indictment demands criminal forfeiture of property including two late-model black Cadillacs, a white Infiniti and numerous firearms including a Glock pistol and Ruger revolver. It also asks for money equal to the drug proceeds involved.

Seugasala and Miller are already in federal custody on the other drug charges, Russo said. Sialofi was arrested Thursday; his and Laulu were scheduled for arraignment Friday afternoon.

Khamnivong is still at large. Authorities ask that any information about his whereabouts be provided to the Drug Enforcement Agency at (907) 271-5033 or the Federal Bureau of Investigations at (907) 276-4441.

Prosecutors said numerous agencies participated in the investigation that led to the indictments, including the DEA, FBI's Safe Streets Task Force, several Anchorage police units, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The Valdez Police Department, Alaska State Troopers and U.S. Postal Inspection Service also assisted.

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